Change Log

Latest Version: 0.74.28 Feb 27, 2013

Added support for 3dfx
Ported from MAME
Multi-threaded pure software implementation
Configurable memory options
Supports Voodoo 1 and Voodoo 2, currently only Voodoo 1 works in Win95/98
Disabled by default because it requires PCI support which breaks loading OS's with Bochs
FPU performance improvements: 20% faster MDK, Tomb Raider is playable at high res and Quake does alright at 640x480
Fixed a few serious FPU bugs
Solved the "Cp: memory exhausted" issue when booting some Linux distros
Fixed a bug with Settlers 2 intro movie
Lowered memory usage of the dynamic core, in return, applets will now get 16MB of RAM by default instead of 8MB.

0.74.27 Jan 02, 2013

First version to support Windows NT 4.0
Right-Alt+Enter to toggle Fullscreen
Added new hardware: IDE, Floppy and PS2 mouse
Bochs BIOS support
Can choose between Java floats and software FPU emulation
Major speed improvements
Add some 686 instructions

0.74.25b Aug 26, 2011

Changed the version on the start up screen from 0.75 to 0.74.25b
Fixed a problem with applets that used midi

0.74.25 Aug 25, 2011

First version to supported Windows 98
Dynamic core can now recompile java byte code with support for saving and loading the compiled blocks
Fixed many bugs include:
Floating point rounding errors
VGA bugs, Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II and Civilization (City Screen) now draw cursor correctly
Improved file path handling for Mac/LInux
Major speed improvements
Applets will now center their viewing area
Video card memory default has been bumped to 2MB (still 1MB for Applets). Now supports up to 8MB.
Added NE2000 network card support (requires PCap)

0.74.24 July 2, 2011

Fixed some mouse sensitivity issues
Reduced flicker
Ported Tandy sound
Ported IPX

0.74.23 June 5, 2011

Fixed a serious memory error that mostly affected EGA era games
Increased performance of the dynamic core a bit
Improved audio by reducing stuttering on some games

0.74.22 May 29, 2011

More fixes for Windows 3.11

0.74.21 May 27, 2011

Fix for Windows 3.11 that affected Freecell

0.74.20 May 27, 2011

New dynamic core, most games are 2x faster than build #19
Fixed lots of minor bugs, mainly around installers


Fixed File Control Block access, this affects older games
Middle and right mouse buttons should now work correctly
Many small bug fixes, include batch files with blank lines and goto statement
Fixed a bug where unsigned applets couldn't load a config file from a jar
Enhanced the DOS choice command to support /t
Fixed Alt key handling


Applet file system images load from a jar are now writable, the writes are stored in RAM
Applets can now load config files from a jar


Fixed middle and right mouse buttons, they were reversed
Added the boot command, PcJr support for this missing.
Win98 can be installed, but fails to fully start
Added the config command
Windows 3.11 will now install without warnings
First pass at the aspect flag. It will use bicubic.
Applet can now pass command line arguments to dosbox
Signed applets can specify a config file by passing a param


Mouse capture now works, use dbl right click to exit
Windows 3.11 now works
Source will now compile with Java 1.4
CD audio now works, include mp3 support for bin/cue
About a 10% performance improvement over build 15


Compile jdosbox.jar for java 1.5 instead of 1.6


Improved performance
Fixed CWDE instruction. Now Duke3D, Tomb Raider, and MOO2 work
Fixed video bug affecting Empire
Mouse now works in applets
Fixed Smacker videos


Fixed SB16 sound, now music sounds right
Experimental support for full screen, enable by passing in -fullscreen with the command line
Fixed some key mappings, now [ ] ` and ~ will work
Added a download parameter to applets so that if they are signed they can download and upzip files.
Searching for weird paths won't crash, like Mech Warrior 2 and @:\
Fixed dos temp file function. Now Descent works
Fixed video frame buffer support


Added MIDI support
Increased performance by about 20%
Can load fs image from class path. This will allow larger fs images for applets.
Applets might be able to reload in a browser now.


Added Sound Blaster 16 support. The music in games is a bit off.
Fixed MOVSX instruction. Now back and strafe left work in Doom.
Fixed XMS_MoveMemory.
Added reboot command to help diagnose Applet page reload issues
Hacked together the PageFaultHandler. Not sure if this is good enough. Djgpp "Hello World" now works, but Noctropolis still can't get pass its page fault.
Status: Colonization now works. Duke 3D is a lot closer. Can now start the game and play, but there are glitches.


Shareware Doom 1 now works with Keyboard. Realtive mouse moves do not work well since mouse capture is not supported in Java.
Support for Applet has been added. Doom has been test in an Applet on Mac and Windows.
Support for mounting img files on a remote web server via http has been added. The img file may be inside a zip.
Code is now Java 5.0 compatible. Removed String.isEmpty references.
15/16/32 bit VESA modes now work
Fixed a font problem, SimCity 2000 installer now works.


Initial Release
Civilization 1, with mouse and no sound works.
Most games do not work
Sound does not work
Serial ports do not work
IPX does not work
Joystick does work
Keymapper does not work
Mouse capture does not work