Future Plans
This list is not any any kind of priority order. It's just some ideas I am curious about looking into in the future.

Android port
Status: J2SE specific code has been abstracted out and I have successfully built an Android project, but it does not run

Support for Win16 and Win32 games by porting over WINE code to Java
Status: Age of Empires Demo and Caesar 3 both run rather well. Currently I'm researching a more complet WINE port of GDI32 and USER32

Emulated network card implementation in pure Java, no PCAP dependencies
Status: I have started porting QEMU's slirp code, currently DHCP works in user mode, but the TCP implementation has not started yet.

A GUI interface for jDosbox which can support changing configurations, mount directories, etc
Status: No work has been done.

PCI implementation
Status: This has been partially implemented, just enough to get 3dfx working. Currently Bochs will not boot with this enabled.

Accurate FPU
Status: Perhaps the Bochs Soft FPU could be ported to Java

Missing Dosbox features
Serial Ports

XP only boots in safe mode, not normally
I still think the Sound Blaster FM music sounds weird
3dfx fails "Hints with multiple Texelfx chips" test38 of the Glide 2.11 SDK