How to Build

How to Build
First of all, you will need the source. You can check it out from svn with this command:
svn checkout svn:// jdosbox-code

The directory structure:

javassist.jar This is necessary for the recompiler
junit.jar This is necessary to run the unit tests
res This contains the resources necessary for a complete jDosbox.jar build
src This contains the bulk of the source code and is necessary for building
src_compiler This contains the recompiler
src_compiler_stub Include this instead of src_compiler if you don't want to include the recompiler
src_j2se This is necessary for a working jDosbox.jar. This contains the code specific to j2se. By moving this out of src it will make a future port to other platforms, such as Android, easier
src_pcap This contains the code that will allow the jDosbox network card talk to the host network card. This is not included in the standard build because it requires native libraries
src_win This is an experiment to run Win32 games in jDosbox, currently only Age of Empires and Caesar 3 work. This is not included in the standard build
test This contains the units test

Currently I do not have an ant script that will build this. If someone makes one please send it to me and I will include it.

I recommend building from an IDE such as IntelliJ or Eclipse. You will need to include res, src, src_compiler and src_j2se as source paths and include the library javassist.jar. To make sure you get all the resources make sure you IDE is configured to pull in *.bin, *.ser and *.gm. In IntelliJ this can be done by adding "*.ser;?*.gm;?*.bin" to Resource patterns in the Compiler section of the project settings.